UCLA Library Environmental Design • Logos & Visual Identity • Messaging • Photography • Print Collateral

Our comprehensive UCLA Library rebranding initiative has helped the Library advance its vision to become the intellectual heart of the UCLA campus, a vibrant nexus for research, education and public service.

UCLA Library Rebranding Logo Design
UCLA Library Rebranding Building Banner Design
UCLA Library Rebranding Room Signage Design
UCLA Library Rebranding Digital Signage Design
UCLA Library Rebranding Brochure Design
UCLA Library Rebranding Event Design
UCLA Library Rebranding PowerPoint Presentation
UCLA Library Rebranding Website Designs
UCLA Library Rebranding Student Photos
UCLA Library Rebranding Student in Powell Library
UCLA Library Rebranding Merchandise Design

University Library Rebranding

Working closely with the UCLA Library communications, development and executive leadership teams, we led a comprehensive, multi-year library rebranding initiative that resulted in a new visual identity, redesigned interior spaces, dozens of new templates and communications tools used by hundreds of staff, a brand strategy and messaging platform, and a fresh story about the vital role the Library serves for the campus community.

What We Created
  • Brand audit, brand strategy & brand guidelines
  • Logo & visual identity system
  • Tagline & brand messaging
  • Building & walkway banners
  • Interior digital & physical signage
  • Print collateral templates
  • PowerPoint template
  • Website & social media templates
  • Supporting brand graphics
  • Photoshoot production & art direction