A Branding Firm for Nonprofits, Universities and Cultural Institutions

Bixler Creative—formerly Bixler Communications Group—was founded in 2008 with a singular purpose: to help our clients make the world a brighter place.

From supporting young mothers in South Central L.A. to creating economic opportunity for communities in the Central Valley, from restoring native plant ecosystems in Beverly Hills to advocating for smarter fiscal policy in Sacramento, the work our clients are doing humbles and inspires us. We use our strategic thinking, creative vision and technical know-how to amplify the impact they have on the people, communities and environments they’re fighting for.


Los Angeles-Based with National Reach

Bixler Creative is a highly regarded Los Angeles branding firm with a strong presence—and a lot of great clients—in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also serve clients across the country, from Oregon to Colorado, from Alabama to Washington, D.C.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For us, sustainability—with its environmental, social and economic dimensions—is more than just a buzzword. It’s how and why we do business. As a branding firm for nonprofits, universities and other mission-driven organizations, we try to embody this spirit of sustainability in how we run our day-to-day business:

  • We’re a virtual agency and are entirely paperless
  • We contribute annually to a variety of small-business carbon offset programs
  • We donate services to a wide range of environment- and sustainability-related projects
  • We believe in completing work without outsourcing and in paying all members of our talented team a living wage
Commitment to Environmental Sustainability