Full-Service Creative Agency - Branding, Marketing and Web
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Bixler Communications Group is a full-service creative agency based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Whatever the type or scale of project you’re undertaking—from branding to marketing to web to print—we can help you make it a huge success.

Branding Services

A brand is much more than just a logo and tagline. It’s the complete story of who you are, what makes you unique and why your audience can’t afford to ignore what you have to say.

From logos to taglines, from visual styles to brand messaging, we work with you to identify your strengths, mitigate any challenges or disadvantages, and build and position your brand for maxium impact with the people most crucial to your success.

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Marketing Communications Services

We like to think about marketing as the process of mobilizing your brand in the marketplace through a series of focused, coordinated and complementary activities.

Through both web-based and traditional marketing programs, we create buzz, build communities and help you stay engaged with your audience over time.

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Web Services

The web has become the place where most people go to connect with businesses, media outlets, and other groups and individuals of interest. In terms of branding and marketing, it is perhaps your singlemost valuable asset.

How users experience your online presence shapes their impression of you and the perceived value of the products, services or knowledge you have to offer. It also dictates whether they decide to remain engaged with you over time.

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Print Services

While many organizations have embraced the web as their primary mode of communication, print design is still a powerful tool for reaching certain audiences. It can and should play a significant role in any compreshensive marketing strategy.

Whether the end product is a PDF or a physically printed piece, our meticulous approach to writing, designing, producing and distributing print assets will help you establish enduring connections with your audience wherever electronic devices aren’t the optimal, or only, medium.

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